The Room Doctor
Lisa Leonardi
in Madison, CT

The Room Doctor: Lisa Leonardi, 203-464-5318, in Madison, CT

Community Service

Community Service: DesignWish

DesignWish: Your Design Wishes Can Come True

Lisa Leonardi believes in giving back to her community. She came up with the idea for DesignWish. DesignWish is a collaboration of Connecticut Shoreline interior design consultants and retail sponsors that aims to transform a room in the home of a deserving individual or family. Many individuals and families are nominated. One lucky winner is…

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Home for the Holidays

The Room Doctor, Home Staging, Clinton, CT

By Susan Braden Features Editor The “perfect” fresh-cut Christmas tree is leaning in the foyer, looking very verdant and smelling – well – piney. Strewn on the floor are dusty boxes just removed from the attic, jammed with newspaper-wrapped ornaments and tangles and tangles of lights. The ghost of Christmas Past is all around. At…

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