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If you are an HGTV junkie, you are most likely familiar with a hot design concept known as Interior Redesign. Using the furnishings you already have, an interior redesigner gives your rooms a fresh new look through the  rearrangement of furniture, wall art, and accessories. The best part…it is all accomplished within one day! An interior redesign is the quickest, most cost-effective way of redecorating your home…and in this challenging economy it is just plain SMART! Whether you are perplexed about how to integrate your old furnishings into a new home or you are simply bored with your décor and looking for a “green” way to redecorate, an interior redesign may be the answer to your decorating dilemmas.

The redesign process begins with a consultation during which the redesigner and homeowner together define the decorating goals. The redesigner establishes whether the room is used for entertaining, tv viewing, office space, reading, etc. Through the owner’s feedback, the redesigner determines what is working, or more importantly, not working with the current design of the space. If the room is lacking essential elements such as lighting or accessories, the homeowner and redesigner “shop” the rest of the home for possible solutions. Often times the redesigner will find hidden treasures in the basement, attic, or other rooms of the home that the homeowner would never think to use. You’d be surprised how those old pieces you’ve discounted all these years can be repurposed into wonderful accents. 
In some cases, the homeowner requests that the redesigner make new purchases for the room. Sometimes after shopping the home it is evident that there is not enough available from other rooms to utilize, so then a reasonable budget for shopping is determined. The interior redesigner will shop for those finishing touches that homeowners never seem to have the time or desire to do.  

When the redesigner returns to makeover the room, the process begins by completely clearing the room. By emptying the room, the redesigner has a blank canvas on which to work. If there is a pre-existing focal point such as a fireplace, entertainment center, or a fabulous outdoor view, the redesigner will design the room around the focal point. The furniture is arranged with function in mind that will support the family’s lifestyle.  Next lighting is added to not only create ambience, but to accommodate tasks such as reading or homework. Wall art is strategically hung with a discriminating eye either individually or in eye-catching groups, showcasing family photos or artwork that is meaningful to the homeowner. Finally, accessories are placed in all the right places to add color, texture, and interest to the room. The results are dramatic and never cease to amaze or delight the homeowner.

Interior Redesign is a winning combination of your personal style complimented by the designer’s artful eye. The designer is able to take those possessions that are most important to you and display them in a stylish and cohesive way. In a matter of hours, your space can be completely transformed. Old, tired furnishings suddenly take on new life and your house now feels like the home you always wanted it to be. And we all know, there’s no place like home.         

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