The Room Doctor
Lisa Leonardi
in Madison, CT

The Room Doctor: Lisa Leonardi, 203-464-5318, in Madison, CT

One-Day Makeovers

We resuscitate your own furnishings through room rearrangement and bring them back to life. It is a cost-effective way to redecorate using your own personal taste. No need to wait months for the look you are trying to achieve. Instead, accomplish your decorating goals all in one day.

The Room Doctor, Home Staging, Clinton, CT
The Room Doctor, Home Staging, Clinton, CT
The Room Doctor, Home Staging, Clinton, CT
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A one-day redesign begins with a consultation to discuss your decorating dilemmas. Once we get to the root of the problem, we determine YOUR decorating goals. On the day of the redesign, we clear the room and decide upon a creative, efficient room arrangement to suit your lifestyle. With your permission, we shop the home for necessary lighting, accessories & artwork to complete the room.

The makeover takes approximately 4-6 hours to turn an ordinary room into extraordinary! The dramatic results will astound you! You will feel as if you are walking into an entirely new room and will be amazed by the fresh look your own furnishings have taken on. The transformation of an interior redesign will surely restore your faith in doctors.

One Day Makover Fees

One-Day Makeover:$350 per room
with discounts for each additional room redesign.


Guilford Client

Lisa came to my home looked at my living room and in one day made it unrecognizable. With this special talent, Lisa turned my thirty five year old Colonial home into a beautiful inviting place to live. I found Lisa enjoyable to work with, always listening in order to make the clients home reflect their personality. I would highly recommend Lisa, and will certainly use her again in future projects.

Westbrook Client

When I initially met with Lisa, we talked about my style, color choices, etc. I wanted my living room to have a casual, beachy feel and we needed to use my existing furniture. I wanted to use personal items, add new art work and find an area rug to pull it all together. We also needed to keep in mind that I had to stay on budget. I gave her full rein to move furniture, go through closets for artwork, and then handed her the house key. The result was amazing! She incorporated personal items like our parents wedding photos & family pictures with new art work, capturing our love for sailing and the shore. PERFECT! Lisa is professional, talented and an absolute delight to work with!